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Polio kid

 Polio kid
 This is part of Asylum...

" Ok now we are done with the tour-" the sister had announced.

" What?" I responded with a perplexed look.

" We're done the tour if you want to learn more about the patients, go into the office so you can read all their files." She had pointed to a small room that had white walls, glass windows and huge stacks of files with filing cabinets hidden in between.

A priest came running down the hallway. "Sister Mary, we need you at the prayer! Who's this?" He had said practically out of breathe.

" Oh, um, this is our new sister-"

" Hello." I had abruptly interrupted. " The name is Angelia."

" Nice to meet you." The priest then turned to sister Mary and gave her a look. Sister Mary then assured him and ran with priest to the 'prayer'.

After the priest and the sister had left, I decided to go to the office. Curiosity had filled my head with just a thought of reading the patients files, which sounds kind of mean but if you're some one that likes to read and all you've heard so far today is the history of a room that now smells of cleaning products and death it would be nice to get your mind on something else.

Then at a random pick of the files I saw the name, HENRY KINGLIE that was the patient name, 
age: 14, same age I was when I lost both my parents in the fire, his background had read:
          He was three years old when he lost his mother to ammonia. Father is unknown. Foster parents had explained that every night he would be screaming for his mother. 
When he entered the asylum, Henry showed symptoms of extreme paranoia. He was placed in room 28, a standard patient room filled with just one bed.  
During the first week of being in the asylum, he would scream for his mother every night, just like his foster parents had reported. So a test had ran for a week, 3 sisters, a Priest and Dr. L. had stayed up  to see when he would scream for his mother; After the test was being run for several nights, the research had showed that he would scream for his mother every night at 2:15 a.m., the same time his mother had died, when she was at the hospital with Henry. 
After understanding the research, Dr. L. had performed shock therapy. The shock therapy was brutal for the child, nothing but screams and tears from the excruciating pain. 
The next morning, when a sister went to give him food she claimed that she saw burn markings on his face and tears rolling down his eyes. She claimed that she had fed him some breakfast at least enough for him to walk; she mentioned how it was easy to tell that he was having trouble chewing and swallowing, the sister said that when she helped Henry to get up, he had  just dropped to the floor and started to cry. When the nun asked why he was crying; the boy replied with, "I can't feel my legs, I can't stand, help me, help me please!" 
The boy was later diagnosed with polio.
After two months of polio, he had died.

That's when I decided to close the file and move onto another one, after placing the file down I couldn't help but cry, I thought of what that poor child had went through and how sad it must have been for him and his mother to go through that, but what about his father?

My dreams

I had the weirdest dream ever, at first I heard a really loud scream, then in a flash I saw a girl wearing, oh wait, I couldn't see what she was wearing. Uuummm, oh yeah, she had huge scared eyes and no lower jaw, her tongue was just hanging out of her mouth, it was in fact pretty freaky. Even with just one glimpse you could see full on detail, the saddest part about the dream, I actually did not imagine it.... I know freaky.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

James's sleeping problem

James's sleeping problem
This is a part of asylum...

At 4 a.m. I was awoken by the sound of screaming, I had then gotten up, put my shoes on and began to run up and down the hallways of the asylum trying to detect the screams and yells. I then found myself in room 26, James's room, he was screaming and crying tears of fear because of a nightmare he just had.

Since James has a sleeping disorder, he is unable to sleep when he really needs to and because of the lack of sleep, his mind is jumbled up so it's hard for him to remember anything, to speak or even know where he is ( and he tends to panic a lot). I was trying to wake him up by rubbing his arm and shaking him, I had to be careful of where I stood so he doesn't hit me when he wakes up (so many sisters that were trying to wake him up had that problem). 
When he had finally opened his eyes, I could see tears streaming down his face and I could tell that he was scared, why wouldn't he be, especially what he went through. I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy, he's an orphan and he has been an ophan since he was just 3 months old, James used to have foster parents but after only being his parents from the age of one to three years old James's foster parents had abandon him for several years after that. There were no records of the foster parents signing the responsiblity of him to someone else, they didn't even take him back to the orphanage the foster parents just left him there at the house. When the police then found James, he was restless and shocked, the police also still haven't found James foster parents, there last names weren't even in the records. When he was at the local hospital they didn't know what to do to him, they tried drugging James so he could fall asleep but it didn't work, James just sat there and screamed. Because of his actions the doctor, that tried to help him, recomended him to go to the asylum. Of course the asylum took that recommendation and brought him here. Now, James is 15.
I gave him a whisper while I wiped his tears, "Hey, James do you want me to sing you a lullaby so you can fall asleep?"

He had replied with a gentle nod.
I sat on his bed by his side, pull his head towards my chest and sang him a lullaby that my mother would always sing to me when I had nightmares, " Sweet, sweet angel from above give this poor soul a hug. Sweet, sweet angel from above give this poor soul a kiss from above". I gave him a small kiss on the head and sang the soft tune over and over till James was finally asleep again. When James was finally asleep, I couldn't help but notice how cute he looked when he was sleeping. Knowing that he might wake up screaming again, I decided to stay with him over night, just in case.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The girl that was #1

This is a piece of Asylum... 

               As the other sister was giving me the tour of the asylum, I couldn't help but notice the girl in the room beside me wearing a straight jacket and sitting on the bed repeating the words, "I'm number on, I'm number one, I'm number one..." while in a dazed stare.

              "Oh that's Alyson" the sister that was giving me the tour had said. "She was actually one of our first comers, sadly, she had killed five girls in just seven years, let there be mercy on there souls, she was sent to juvenile prison but as soon as she got out, she continued killing other girls, there was one boy she killed no one knew about it until her most recent trail. Even her parents didn't know but because she was continuously killing, they sent her here hoping that she would change within a few years. Now she has been here for about.... actually I don't know."

              " You don't know?!" I was furious.
              " Oh we don't keep exact records of the patients." The nun said.
              " Are you serious?" I was frustrated.
              " Miss we are the ladies of god, don't consume the idea of keeping them locked up or examined, or just call them, experiments." The nun said experiments as if she was disgusted in saying that word, I wouldn't blame her. " We must treat them as human beings, not expeirements just because the devil has taken a piece of them doesn't mean that they still don't have a soul, we bless all of our patients with god we all hope for them to return to there natural state, that's the whole point." Then, in just a blink of an eye she tried continuing with the tour.

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<3 This website it's fun and it's got cool crafts with purpose. :)

My book that I'm writing

My book that I'm writing

I'm writing a book called Asylum ( I might change it later on)  this book is about a nun named Angelia that's 23 years old. That had recently lost her family in a fire, so they burned to death, and now Angelia is working in an asylum. She finds the asylum scary but the patients are worse. I'm going to post parts of my book every week so you guys can read it and comment on it tell me if you like the horror or not...

Little Susie

Little Susie, how'd you get blood on your dress?