Saturday, December 22, 2012

The girl that was #1

This is a piece of Asylum... 

               As the other sister was giving me the tour of the asylum, I couldn't help but notice the girl in the room beside me wearing a straight jacket and sitting on the bed repeating the words, "I'm number on, I'm number one, I'm number one..." while in a dazed stare.

              "Oh that's Alyson" the sister that was giving me the tour had said. "She was actually one of our first comers, sadly, she had killed five girls in just seven years, let there be mercy on there souls, she was sent to juvenile prison but as soon as she got out, she continued killing other girls, there was one boy she killed no one knew about it until her most recent trail. Even her parents didn't know but because she was continuously killing, they sent her here hoping that she would change within a few years. Now she has been here for about.... actually I don't know."

              " You don't know?!" I was furious.
              " Oh we don't keep exact records of the patients." The nun said.
              " Are you serious?" I was frustrated.
              " Miss we are the ladies of god, don't consume the idea of keeping them locked up or examined, or just call them, experiments." The nun said experiments as if she was disgusted in saying that word, I wouldn't blame her. " We must treat them as human beings, not expeirements just because the devil has taken a piece of them doesn't mean that they still don't have a soul, we bless all of our patients with god we all hope for them to return to there natural state, that's the whole point." Then, in just a blink of an eye she tried continuing with the tour.