Saturday, December 29, 2012

James's sleeping problem

James's sleeping problem
This is a part of asylum...

At 4 a.m. I was awoken by the sound of screaming, I had then gotten up, put my shoes on and began to run up and down the hallways of the asylum trying to detect the screams and yells. I then found myself in room 26, James's room, he was screaming and crying tears of fear because of a nightmare he just had.

Since James has a sleeping disorder, he is unable to sleep when he really needs to and because of the lack of sleep, his mind is jumbled up so it's hard for him to remember anything, to speak or even know where he is ( and he tends to panic a lot). I was trying to wake him up by rubbing his arm and shaking him, I had to be careful of where I stood so he doesn't hit me when he wakes up (so many sisters that were trying to wake him up had that problem). 
When he had finally opened his eyes, I could see tears streaming down his face and I could tell that he was scared, why wouldn't he be, especially what he went through. I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy, he's an orphan and he has been an ophan since he was just 3 months old, James used to have foster parents but after only being his parents from the age of one to three years old James's foster parents had abandon him for several years after that. There were no records of the foster parents signing the responsiblity of him to someone else, they didn't even take him back to the orphanage the foster parents just left him there at the house. When the police then found James, he was restless and shocked, the police also still haven't found James foster parents, there last names weren't even in the records. When he was at the local hospital they didn't know what to do to him, they tried drugging James so he could fall asleep but it didn't work, James just sat there and screamed. Because of his actions the doctor, that tried to help him, recomended him to go to the asylum. Of course the asylum took that recommendation and brought him here. Now, James is 15.
I gave him a whisper while I wiped his tears, "Hey, James do you want me to sing you a lullaby so you can fall asleep?"

He had replied with a gentle nod.
I sat on his bed by his side, pull his head towards my chest and sang him a lullaby that my mother would always sing to me when I had nightmares, " Sweet, sweet angel from above give this poor soul a hug. Sweet, sweet angel from above give this poor soul a kiss from above". I gave him a small kiss on the head and sang the soft tune over and over till James was finally asleep again. When James was finally asleep, I couldn't help but notice how cute he looked when he was sleeping. Knowing that he might wake up screaming again, I decided to stay with him over night, just in case.